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AMath: Coordinate Geometry Module
EMath: Vol/TSA of Pyramids, Cones & Spheres Module

Just sign up and we'll give you a FREE access to not just one, but TWO MODULES for Secondary Mathematics.

Your Free Access will be processed within 48 hours. If you did not receive an e-mail within 48 hours, you may request another time in this page. Thank you for the patience!

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Here's what you will get:

➽ Teaching videos on how you can solve different problems about Volume and Total Surface Area of Pyramids, Cones, Spheres, and Solids in Elementary Mathematics.


➽Teaching videos on how you can solve different problemsabout Coordinate Geometry in Additional Mathematics.

➽Teaching videos and materials are 100% prepared, verified, and executed by our principal tutor, Teacher Kangie.


➽ Proving you that online learning can be effective by letting you experience Teacher Kangie's teaching method.

➽ Even if you don't need it, you can share them to your family and friends whose kids might need them because it's ALL FREE!

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Disclaimer: Materials are from a mixture of different textbooks, assessment books, and PYPs. Math Coffee Pte. Ltd. does not make any guarantees on your ability to learn Elementary Mathematics: Vol/TSA of Pyramids, Cones, & Spheres, and Additional Mathematics: Coordinate Geometry, through the use of our free modules. Users are responsible and accountable for their actions. Registration to any forms on our sites is considered as the users' sole decision and does not hold Math Coffee Pte. Ltd in anyway accountable nor liable. This site is not a part of any social media platform, and is NOT endorsed by any social media platform.

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