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At Math Coffee, every student is unique with different strengths and weaknesses, which also requires different learning methods. This is why we perform an individualized approach to bring out their full potential to solve Math problems on their own.


   Math Coffee offers teaching services within Singapore's MOE syllabus.

Currently, we conduct group tuition of 6 students via ZOOM.


Are you worried that your child won’t be getting enough attention in a group? We got you!

 Math Coffee ensures that our educator attends to their needs and guides students to learn productively at their own pace.

See our Methodologies to learn more about what’s happening inside our class.


Math Coffee was founded in 2011 and initially named as “Fruition Learning Hub”. This small tuition center was built by Teacher Kangie together with her college best friend Ben and her sister Jessie. But due to Ben and Jessie’s commitment to their full time jobs, they have to exit Math Coffee in 2012 and 2020 respectively.


Despite doing it solo, Teacher Kangie continued to work and help students learn Mathematics in a fun and embracing way. Eventually, she made the team grow from one member into five members in 2021.




Founder & Principal Tutor

Tan Sue Yee O Level 2012 Cert (amended).

Our founder and principal tutor, Teacher Kangie is a passionate educator with a strong inclination towards mathematics tutoring. An engineer by profession, she decided to pursue full time teaching in 2011 after being a part-time private tutor since 2007. Over the years, she had developed effective learning strategies for mathematics and had assisted many students to unleash their potential.

She is a firm believer of learning with a purpose and strongly opposes learning by memorization. She prefers to deliver topics with live-based anecdotes in which concepts and fundamentals will be effectively absorbed by students. Her Mathematics delivery challenges the minds and should push one to not only seek for solutions but to appreciate the underpinning theorems and applications. She ensures consistent guidance and aspires to transform a learner into a goal seeker that is!


  • Certificate in Child Psychology and Counselling in 2019

  • Achieved A1 for Elementary Mathematics as a private candidate in 2012 "O" Level

  • Achieved A1 for Additional Mathematics as a private candidate in 2012 "O" Level 

  • Achieved 262/300 (Grade 9) for IGCSE 4MB1 Mathematics B in Year 2022

  •  Bachelor in Electrical Electronics and Engineering with Honors Degree (NTU)

  •  Diploma in Electronics, Computer and Communications Engineering (NYP) 

P/S: If you see or hear "Angie", you are not wrong because Teacher Kangie was known as Angie in the past. Recently she has changed her name to "Kangie". Reason from Teacher Kangie is that she wants to be UNIQUE =D

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