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Secondary School MOE Math Syllabus

Math Coffee offers tutoring services on Secondary 1 to 5 which consist Elementary Mathematics and Additional Mathematics for Express and Normal Streams.

Lower Secondary students usually have issues in handling more subjects than primary school. Therefore, it is very important to build a good learning foundation during these levels.

For Upper Secondary students, one of the challenges is when they are taking Additional Mathematics in Sec 3. Most of the time, they cannot grasp the concepts and start to fail the “new” subject.


At Math Coffee, provided that the student is co-operative and diligent, Additional Mathematics will seem easier than Elementary Mathematics. Trust us to save the child from drowning in these new subjects.

our methodologies

Math Coffee focuses on interacting with both parents and students.

Our educator keeps track of every student's strong and weak points and will communicate with them to keep their interest in learning and improving their Math.

Meanwhile, parents will be updated with their children's progress if necessary, because we believe that working hand in hand with parents will help to assist their children in advancing with their studies.

actual class videos

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