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Feedback from our students who attended the Crash Courses


How do you feel while watching the Crash Course videos in the Learning Portal?

Good as I can learn at my own pace and rewind the video if I need to

I feel that I was able to understand better since I could repeat videos or certain parts

Can recall concepts learnt from school that I couldn't understand

I feel that it was pretty effective way to be able to revise on some questions I might have not fully understood

I liked having recordings uploaded onto the portal as I could rewatch them as many times as I liked and I am also able to pause, scroll back/fast forward as much as I like =)


Now that you have experienced Math Coffee online Crash Course, what do you think is the advantage of attending this Online Vs Physical?

With Online Classes, you can ask question bravely because the other students are not able to see you 

I think having the videos to review after is a great help

I think the portal is very useful in helping me better master the different math questions, despite the crash course being held online, I think the attending given to us is not any less than a physical class


As compared to what you have invested/paid for the course, how much do you think is the value that you got from the Crash Course?

I think it is truly worth the cost as we really covered ALL topics for the emath syllabus that is tested for Os.

It is good value for money 

Idk how say hahhahs,, but I guess its worth from all the hours !

I better understood graphs and topics as well

I learnt how to manipulate indices better


What did you like MOST about the Crash Course?

I liked that the crash course was done with other students so when they asked questions I could also learn

have sufficient time for breaks. not too strenuous

I liked how EVERY topic was covered and being able to check off the various topics as teacher kangie guided us through the questions made me feel more assured and slightly less worried for my math

The clarity of Teacher Kangie's explanations, planning and organization of the whole course

( variety of questions )

I like teacher kangie's enthusiasm

I enjoy that the videos are uploaded and I can ask questions as needed during the crash course

Teacher Kangie is very engaging


What do you like MOST about Teacher Kangie?

Her teaching is vv enjoyable!

She's really lively and engaging in her lessons :)

she is good at teaching but still funny at times

very good explaining

How she puts all her heart into teaching her students and makes sure her lessons are high quality 🥰


What can you say about Teacher Kangie's teaching methods?

Teacher kangie is really engaging and I'm impressed by how she can keep that energy up for 6 hours per day, across all 5 days, even when she can't see us with our cameras all off :)

Teacher kangies teaching methods are very thorough and she helps to make sure we understand

way better than my school amath teacher

Efficient and clear

very intuitive

very clear and she offers to repeat explaining if we don't understand

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