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2024 O-Level EMath & AMath Crash Course Information

Math and Geometry Tools

Teacher Kangie x Ms Kelly CRASH COURSES 2024:
Elementary and Additional Mathematics

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Teacher Kangie12 years teaching experience &holding a degree in engineering

Ms Kelly8 years teaching experience &holding a degree in mathematics

2 Veteran Math Tutors Combine


3 Days O Level Crash Course

10th June 2024 (Monday) ~ 12th June 2024 (Wednesday)

930am ~ 430pm

Physical and Online Class Enrollment


3 Days O Level Crash Course

18th June 2024 (Tuesday) ~ 20th June 2024 (Thursday)

930am ~ 430pm

Physical and Online Class Enrollment

EYS (2013 to 2023)
Video Tutorials
Every questions in
O-Level Papers.
SGD 49 Per Subject;

10% for 2 Subjects

Additional Purchase

We're confident that you'll love the course,which is why we offer a full refund

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  • Conducive Classroom Environment

  • You can choose Online Zoom and receive a greater discount

  • WIFI is provided, feel free to bring your iPad, laptop, etc., but no charging of devices as there are insufficient power points.

  • Extremely convenient location, only 3-minute walk from DHOBY GHAUT MRT

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SY5_9848 - Halfbody.jpg

Welcome Aboard!

Let's work together to ace your exam!

Each Subject = $468

2 Subjects = $842.40
You are just paying $26 per hour!!

Crash Courses will consist of 5 days LIVE Zoom Sessions, COVERING ALL TESTED TOPICS for 20
  • Cover 4 Year Topics for EMath and Cover Sec 3 & 4 Topics for AMath

  • Access to Math Coffee Learning Portal 

  • Recordings of Teachings will be posted to Portal, latest by the following day

  • Recording Accessible till 2024 O-Levels end

  • Printed Materials & Surprise Box will be delivered to you

Alarm Clock
  • 930am to 430pm for 3 days

  • Lunch Provided 1230pm to 130pm

  • Toilet Breaks will be catered

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  • Teacher Kangie & Ms Kelly will be joining hands to teach throughout the 3 days x 2 = 6 days Courses.

  • Physical Class Enrollment limited to 20 students

  • Online Class Enrollment limited to 30 students.

Crash Courses will consist of 5 days LIVE Zoom Sessions, COVERING ALL TESTED TOPICS for 20
  • Course Rates
    Retail Price = $468 (27th Apr ~ 31st May 2024)
    Closing Date for EMath - 31st May 2359hrs
    Closing Date for AMath - 7th June 2359hrs


    EYS (2014 to 2023) Videos - $49 for ONE SUBJECT 
    (You will have access to ALL VIDEOS for ALL QUESTIONS)
    10% discount if purchase 2 subjects

Ever heard of a Crash Course that offers discounts, flexible 100% refunds, and even includes a SURPRISE?

Wrapped Boxes


  • Early Bird Price = $398 (8th Mar ~ 30th Apr 2024)

  • 2 Subject Package - 10% Discount

  • Zoom Online Option - Get $50 OFF

  • Existing students of Teacher Kangie or Ms Kelly will receive an additional 10% discount. If you refer a friend and they sign up, you will receive a $30 discount or cash.


  • If for any reason you're not satisfied with the Crash Course after attending Day 1's lesson, you can request a 100% refund.

  • Take note that you must request for the refund within the TIME FRAME
    (Day One - 5 pm to Day Two - 9am)


  • Refund requests submitted outside of the specified time frame will not be considered.


  • One week before the course starts, we’ll have the SURPRISE BOX along with the materials delivered to you. 

HAVE QUESTIONS? Read on because we got it ALL COVERED!

Math Notebook and Calculator

Can I ask questions during the LIVE teaching?

During the Zoom session, there will be a chat feature where you can post questions, and we will respond LIVE.

Students in the classroom can also ask questions.

What if I forgot to ask during live teaching, can I ask some other time?

You'll receive 10 FREE passes for "Ask Teacher Kangie or Ms Kelly any Math Question," valid until the end of the 2024 O Levels. We'll provide you with a link to a Google Form where you can submit your question. Teacher Kangie or Ms Kelly will respond within 1-2 working days.

What if I cannot attend some of the days?

No worries. We will cover different topics each day. So, you can refer to recordings of the missed days. However, there is no discount for any missed days.

What if I am late for class?

You can join in at any time and refer to recordings for any parts you missed. However, we don't recommend being late for class.

Will there be any break time?

Yes, there will be 2-3 toilet breaks daily, as well as a 1-hour lunch break.

If I am an existing student of Teacher Kangie or Ms Kelly, do I still need to attend the Crash Courses?

The question sets for the Normal Tuition differ from those in the Crash Course. Learning in the Crash Course (3 days in a row) offers a completely different experience compared to Normal Tuition.

Why is the Crash Course so expensive?

Let’s crunch some numbers to see if it's expensive. The value you receive for this $468 Crash Course includes:

- TWO Brilliant Brains: One with an Engineering background and one with a Math Degree
- One tutor with 12 years of teaching experience and another with 8 years of teaching experience
- 3 Days x 6 hours = 18 hours of instruction, equating to only $26 per hour!
Additionally, you receive 3 Free Lunches too!

Can I share the course with my friends?

We cannot prevent you from sharing, but please note that only one access will be provided, and only one person is permitted entry to the Zoom LIVE sessions. The 10 FREE passes, printed materials, surprise box, and all announcements will only be provided to one person. Why share when you can have the course to yourself at such an affordable cost? To prevent conflicts over access to materials, we highly recommend students not to share the course with friends.

Can I still get the discount if my friends sign up on the later stage of the course?

Of course! We will honor our promise. If your friend signs up and confirms that you referred them, we will transfer $30 to you via PayNow within 2 to 3 working days after your friend settles their payment.

How do I know if Teacher Kangie and/or Ms Kelly is good?

Please feel free to explore Teacher Kangie’s YouTube Channel or either Teacher Kangie's or Ms Kelly’s TikTok accounts. Additionally, consider joining their TikTok LIVE Math lessons to experience their teaching style firsthand. You're welcome to assess their level of expertise for yourself through these platforms. 😜

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For more questions, visit our social media accounts:

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or write to us at:

Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

Disclaimer: Materials are from a mixture of different textbooks, assessment books, PYPs, and practice questions. Math Coffee Pte. Ltd. does not make any guarantees of your passing on O-Levels even after finishing our crash courses. Enrollees are responsible and accountable for their actions. Registration of any forms on our sites is considered as the enrollees' sole decision and does not hold Math Coffee Pte. Ltd in anyway accountable nor liable. This site is not a part of any social media platform, and is NOT endorsed by any social media platform.

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