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EMath and AMath Registration are NOW CLOSED.

Math Formulas

Math Coffee's CRASH COURSES 2022:
Elementary and Additional Mathematics

We are here to help you prepare for the O Levels through quickly but surely recapping everything you learned from Sec 1 to Sec 4, both on EMath and AMath!



EMath – 13th June to 17th June 2022 (Monday to Friday)

AMath – 20th June to 24th June 2022 (Monday to Friday)

For our students who successfully enrolled and entrust their O Level Math preparation with us

Welcome Aboard!

Let's work hand-in-hand towards acing your exam!

Crash Courses will consist of 5 days LIVE Zoom Sessions, COVERING ALL TESTED TOPICS for 20
  • You'll be given access to Math Coffee’s Learning Portal.

  • This is where we'll post TWO ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS per topic. Each day as class ends, recorded teaching will also be posted by 8:00PM.

  • Recordings accessible till 2022 O-Levels ends.

  • In total we will be covering at least 4 QUESTIONS PER TOPIC.

  • Printed materials and *a surprise box* WILL BE DELIVERED TO YOU!

Crash Courses will consist of 5 days LIVE Zoom Sessions, COVERING ALL TESTED TOPICS for 20
  • Crash Courses will consist of 5 days LIVE Zoom Sessions from 9:00AM to 4:00PM

  • Lunch break will commence from 1:00PM and will end
    at 2:00PM.

  • We'll be COVERING ALL TESTED TOPICS for 2022 O Levels.

  • During live sessions, a MINIMUM of 2 questions per topic will be TAUGHT THOROUGHLY.

Crash Courses will consist of 5 days LIVE Zoom Sessions, COVERING ALL TESTED TOPICS for 20
  • Our principal tutor, Teacher Kangie is the one who'll be TEACHING YOU THROUGHOUT THE COURSE.

  • We will have a SUPPORT TEAM on stand-by during live sessions to ACCOMPANY Teacher Kangie and the students in class.

  • This is to ensure your questions will be greatly accommodated.

Crash Courses will consist of 5 days LIVE Zoom Sessions, COVERING ALL TESTED TOPICS for 20
  • Let's do some Math!
    5 days x 6 hours = 30 hours at $668 NETT or $22.30/hour

  • You'll be paying only $668 NETT of a 30-hour course, to cover all FOUR years topics!

  • After signing up, we'll reach out to you. Upon payment, your slot will be confirmed
    and we'll notify you about
    other information.

  • Payment methods includes:

    • Debit or Credit Card (Mastercard/Visa)

    • PayNow via UEN

  • We do not accept payment by instalments.

Ever heard of a Crash Course that GIVES you DISCOUNTS,

Wrapped Boxes


  • If you sign up for both subjects (EMath & AMath), you will get 10% discount.

  • If you refer 1 friend and they sign up as well (even if they sign up at the later stage) you will get $50 discount.

  • If you are existing student of Math Coffee, you get 30% discount for each subject.


  • If for whatever reason that you do not like the Crash Course after you attended the Day 1’s lesson, you can REQUEST FOR 100% REFUND.

  • Take note that you must request for the refund within the TIME FRAME.
    (Day 1 - 4:01PM to Day 2 - 9:00AM)


  • Any refund request out of the time frame will be ignored.


  • One week before the course starts, we'll have the SURPRISE BOX along with the materials delivered to you.

  • However, we're not going to tell you what is inside the box. But one thing's for sure, you cannot find cash in it! 😜

HAVE QUESTIONS? Read on because we got it ALL COVERED!

Math and Geometry Tools

Can I ask questions during the LIVE teaching?

There will be a chat feature during the Zoom session and you may post questions (relevant to the Math question being taught) and Teacher Kangie will respond LIVE.

What if I forgot to ask during live teaching, can I ask some other time?

You'll be given 10 FREE Passes for “Ask Teacher Kangie any Math Question”, valid till 2022 “O Levels ends. We'll provide you a link of a Google Form where you can submit your question. Teacher Kangie will respond within 1~2 working days.

What if I cannot attend some of the days?

No worries. We will be doing different topics daily. So, you may refer to recordings of the missed days. But, sorry, no discount for any missed days. =)

What if I am late for class?

You can join in any time and refer to recordings for the parts that you missed out.

Will there be toilet breaks?

Yes, there will be 2 toilet breaks (1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon) daily and there is also 1 hour lunch break.

If I am an existing Math Coffee student, do I still need to attend the Crash Courses?

The question sets for the Normal Tuition is different from the questions sets in Crash Course. Learning in Crash Course (5 days in a roll) is a total different experience from the Normal Tuition.

Why is the Crash Course so expensive?

The usual price for the course (taking the time spent by Teacher Kangie and her team) is worth at least $7200 (30 hours of teaching hours) and not forgetting the materials as well as the team's back-end administrative work.

We are doing it at $668 per subject, which is a GREAT STEAL!

Why is the crash course so cheap?

We are doing this online and in a large group setting. This is a bargain price without compromising the quality, for only $668 NETT per course. Don't miss this!

Can I share the course with my friends?

We cannot stop you. But take note that only one access will be provided and only one person is allowed entry to the Zoom LIVE sessions. The 10 FREE passes, printed materials, surprise box, and all announcements will only be given to one person.

So, why share when you can have the course to yourself at such low cost? Also avoiding conflicts on the access to materials.

Can I still get the discount if my friends sign up on the later stage of the course?

Of course! We will honor our promise. If your friend signed up and confirm that you refer them, we will PayNow $50 to you, 2 to 3 working days after your friend settled their payment.

How do I know if Teacher Kangie is good?

You may refer to her YouTube Channel and TikTok account or attend her TikTok LIVE Math lessons to experience her teaching. She has been teaching for 11 years and you shall decide if she is good or not. 😜

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or write to us at:

Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

Disclaimer: Materials are from a mixture of different textbooks, assessment books, PYPs, and practice questions. Math Coffee Pte. Ltd. does not make any guarantees of your passing on O-Levels even after finishing our crash courses. Enrollees are responsible and accountable for their actions. Registration of any forms on our sites is considered as the enrollees' sole decision and does not hold Math Coffee Pte. Ltd in anyway accountable nor liable. This site is not a part of any social media platform, and is NOT endorsed by any social media platform.

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