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how i helped a student improved her score from d7 to a2 in just two months

When I first met Cherie, she is desperate to find a reliable tutor because of her poor performance in Math Sec 2. After her mother told her to do something about it, Cherie asked around in her school and she found Karen. Karen is my current student and her Math in school is always at the top few. 


Cherie was skeptical before joining because her previous Math tutor just threw her a lot of homework that’s why she hated going for the Math tuition. Despite doing so much homework, she still did not get good results. She was desperate for someone and so she decided to sign up for Math Coffee.


Cherie’s Math grade was D7 when she joined me in April. Her mother is skeptical about it too and even gives me a KPI, to get Cherie to at least a C5 in SA1.


Instead of focusing on the KPI that Mrs. Lee gave me, I focused on finding out Cherie's root problems in Math, using my teaching methods to guide her and also encourage her to be on board with me.

After 2 months, Cherie surprised us with A2 for her SA1. Her mom’s jaw dropped as I managed to get Cherie from D7 to A2 in just 2 months.


Cherie loves me. She enjoys coming for my Math tuition and she even brings in more than SEVEN of her friends and neighbors to join my classes. Cherie’s mum also loves to share her stories about me with her friends.


Fast forward, Cherie got A1 for both O-Level EMath and AMath subjects


Now, she has developed a never-say-die learning attitude and refuses to ask me unless she already tried many attempts. Many times, she manages to solve Math problems on her own. Sometimes, I just need to hint at her. I never like to spoon feed my students with answers. I like to challenge them. Hint them, so that when they can solve the problems on their own, they’ll feel a great sense of achievement. 

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