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Having Math problems?

Struggling to get interested in Math?

Too busy to oversee your child’s learning?

Here at Math Coffee, we take pride in turning every student into a Mathematics enthusiast.


We ensure that students will learn through

  teaching methods that will suit them personally, not only in Math, but holistically.


Sip into knowledge – Know more about us

Math Coffee is a Singapore-based Mathematics tuition center that aims to develop students’ confidence in learning Math at their own pace, while also having fun.

Currently, we conduct group tuition of 6 students via ZOOM. What we teach at Math Coffee is within our Singapore’s MOE Syllabus.








Discover how Teacher Kangie built you a fun and safe space for Math learning, with the help of heroes beside her. WATCH HERE!


To create a happy, motivating, and kind environment for the kids wherein we inspire kids to learn Math and at the same time also instill the right values and positive attitude.


To build a like-minded, diverse global team and spread Math Coffee’s values and system globally, with humanity and love.

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see how math coffee helped the students through zoom online classes and math coffee learning portal

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Leong jing wen

"Teacher Kangie is very patient when teaching us and she is also very funny sometimes. The work that Teacher Kangie gave me has really helped me in my Maths. My Maths has really improved after coming for tuition."

 Shanice Sim 

"Ms Kangie is a patient teacher. She always tries her best to explain when I am in doubt. She is also an outgoing person. She may joke at times too. When she scold, she may be scary but she scold us is for our own good. Ms Kangie is also a cheerful and helpful teacher. "

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